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My name is Yarelis! Originally from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, I now reside in the sunshine state. I've been obsessed with photography since I was a child. Growing up, my afternoons consisted of studying National Geographic. There is just something so beautiful about a moment being still.  Being able to look back on photographs of past memories helps keep them close and unforgotten. A part of timeless history, a moment that will live forever in a picture. I love leveraging natural light and nature in photos. My greatest passion is bringing the natural beauty around us into a photograph. Along with photography, animals take a big place in my heart. I am the proud mom of a dog, two cats and a human, so I know first hand how important a moment in time can be. We have so many special moments in our lives it would be an honor and a pleasure to help you capture yours; That way you can always look back and forever have those beautiful memories. 

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